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Along with personal training I also focus on nutrition. Although the personal qualifications do include an element of nutrition I found that it left too many grey areas so I decided to develop my knowledge in nutrition in order to pass on to my clients.

One off Food diary analysis £30 or Weekly food Diary Analysis for £75 Per Month.

This method is about educating you to make the right food choices rather than a strict meal plan for you to follow leaving you more in control of the food that you eat.

This is how it works. For one week I ask you to write a food diary listing everything that you have eaten and drank, your mood and hunger levels. There is also a detailed questionnaire for you to fill in regarding you health, lifestyle and anything else that could be related your diet.

At the end of the week I will write a report advising you on your food choices and what changes you should make based on the types of food that you are eating, micro and macronutrients and portion sizes, your Basel metabolic rate, Daily energy expenditure and the amount of calories that you are needed in order to lose weight.

This can be done as a one off or on a weekly basis. For the weekly food diary I am able to go through your meal plans for the week, i'm available to call to advise on food choices when eating out and make recommendations on a weekly basis. A full report on your food diary will be produced each week in order to help and educate you to choose the right foods.

I will be on hand via text, phone or email as your nutrition advisor to make realistic goals and changes with an understanding approach to your dietary needs, lifestyle and goals.

Weekly Nutrition Consultation £30 per week

This service is the same as the food diary analysis but instead of doing everything via email, and phone it is done on a face to face basis. I will travel to your home and we will go through all the paperwork together.

Each week we will then meet to go through your food diary and then I will produce a report based on our meeting and listing targets for the following week.

Bespoke Weekly Meal Plans £175 per month

This is a completely bespoke service rather than a one size fit all programme like the likes of The Bodycoach and Emily Syke.

The process starts the same as the food diary analysis with a detailed questionnaire regarding your current eating habits past and present, lifestyle and your goals.

I will also ask you to write a food diary for one week to give me a better understanding of your eating habits and the types of food that you like to eat.

Once I have received your questionnaire and food diary back I will produce your first weeks meal plan which will be based on all the information you have given me so far. These plans are specifically written for you.

At the end of each week you will receive a further questionnaire (not as in depth this time) about how you have got on in the week. If it fitted in with your lifestyle, how your hunger and energy levels were etc. Then I will produce your next week plan.

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