Matt Hart  -
As with my personal training I travel to my client's home for sports massage. All I need is a little space for my massage table and to be able to walk around it.
You don't have to be a sports person to benefit from sports massage. Many clients use it to relax muscles after a hard days work and release tension and stress.
Sports massage plays a vital role for injuries and anyone who is active. It helps prevent injuries, improve performance, promotes healing, removes waste products such as lactic acid, helps keep muscles healthy, improves skin condition, improves recovery, helps relieve pain and helps improve range of movement.
If you have an injury the first step is to book in for an assessment. This will take approximately an hour. We will firstly sit down and discuss your injury. This will be followed by a series of assessments. If I feel that sports massage will benefit we will start the treatment. I will then be able to develop a programme for your post treatment care.
30 minutes £25
1 hour £35
If you would like to treat someone to a sports massage gift vouchers available.

I am proud to have been involved with so many great people and am the sports massage therapist for Hinckley AFC but have also spent time with the Leicester Tigers.

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